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You are welcome to the website of Regentropfen College of Applied Sciences (ReCAS) located in Kansoe in the Namoo traditional area of Bongo District in the Upper East Region of Ghana, West Africa.

The College is a private degree awarding people-oriented institution poised to train a new generation of scientific researchers, engineers, and entrepreneurial leaders with hands-on knowledge (Do-How ability), who combine analytical and critical thinking with care for others and the courage to transform the West Africa Sub-region.

In all its activities, efforts are made to offer a human-centered management approach to our activities. Our vision and intent are to ensure that our stakeholders and persons, who come into contact with ReCAS are given a high value of service such that one feels valued and appreciated.

In ReCAS talents are promoted in various forms and the conducive atmosphere is created to ensure that our students get prepared for the future and have appropriate job-fit that will enable them to contribute to the socio-economic growth of the societies they would serve using the skills and knowledge acquired whilst maintaining high relevance to their Employers. ReCAS is outstanding in its approach to getting students prepared to create jobs for themselves and others: it is producing Market-Oriented Entrepreneurs.

The Institution, as a pacesetter has been a leader in establishing the Business and Career Development Center, which provides practice in enterprise development and promotion for the students and the College community as a whole. The Department of Agriculture for Social Change has an apiary, animals’ farm, crop farm as well as a Moringa plantation.

ReCAS perceives itself as a pacesetter and as a haven for the promotion of talents without discrimination of any sort. In order to reach out to most of the members of the Society, Sign Language and French are offered, thereby making communication with the neighbours in Burkina Faso and other Francophone Nations as well as persons in the community with hearing impairment a possibility.

ReCAS is an institution with a human heart and upholds the tenets of giving all an opportunity. It thus offers Workshops for Solar Technology, Business Development, and Promotion, Soft skills for personal and product branding, apiary, etc. not only for those, who can read and write but also for persons, who have not been able to go through formal classroom education.

By joining ReCAS, you can participate in its new ways of doing things and the opportunity to bring about positive change in society. We invite you to spend some time to learn, explore, and discover in order to find out what we stand for and what we do.

Once again welcome to ReCAS, the place of the Pacesetters and I wish you all very fruitful results to meet your expectations after patronizing our various services.

You are welcome to ReCAS!

Bien venue au ReCAS!