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NAME:                                  Mr. Charles Bugre

QUALIFICATIONS:           BA., M.Sc., & DEUF

DESIGNATION:                  Acting Librarian 

AFFILIATED POSITION:  Lecturer,  Computer Science Department

EMAIL:                                 charles.bugre@recas-ghana.com  

About Mr. Charles Bugre

 Charles Bugre has over 9 years’ experience in library management. He is interested in the use of ICT for economic and social development in developing countries; information/ICT and its ethical use among the youth; digital literacy for persons with low-levels of literacy, ICT, and the future of libraries. He is also interested in deepfakes and its looming effects on democracy. His research explores the use of simple but relevant research methods to communicate research findings in everyday language. Prior to joining ReCAS, he worked with Dunkwa Nursing and Midwifery Training College as a College Librarian and University of Ghana, Kumasi distance learning center for his national service, and as an office assistant. Charles has M.Sc. in Information Technology and a BA. in Information Studies and French.


  •  Ghana Library Association



  •        Information Technology for Development (ICT4D)
  •           Digital youth
  •           Misinformation & disinformation
  •            Future of libraries in the IT era



  •       Ayoung, A. D, Bugre, C. & Baada, F.N.A. (2020), “An evaluation of the library connectivity project through the lens of the digital inclusion model”, Information and                          Learning Sciences, doi: 10.1108/ILS-02-2020-0047
  •              Bugre, C., Badu, J. & Shrivas, M.K. (2017), “Students and Tutors Perception and Usage Influence of the World Wide Web and the Library: A Case of Dunkwa Nursing                       and Midwifery Training College”, International Journal of Library & Information StudiesVol. 7 No. 1, pp.26-35.


  • Overall Best Graduating Student, 2016-2017 & Best Student in MSc IT, 2017- Sikkim Manipal University, Ghana
  • Best French Student in SHS 2, 2003 –Notre Dame Minor Seminary SHS, Ghana
  • Best French Student & Best Literature in English Student in SHS 1, 2002-Notre Dame Minor Seminary SHS, Ghana